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most hur 997

wire will only show 12 volts when the ignition. Watch Youtube or Netflix while driving? First, we will do some preliminary wiring. The HUR module comes pre-programmed for your particular vehicle and radio. Note: some Kenwood units have an auto dim feature. Alpine Radios have an optional VSS (vehicle Speed Sense) connection. Plug in navigation antenna, Bluetooth microphone, USB iPod cables, and satellite radio tuner (if using satellite radio). This wire should not show 12 volts with the key out of the ignition switch. This install is relatively easy if you can follow instructions. If this connection is not made the radio will not allow several functions to operate properly. A hook tool makes this easy. We then route the most HUR connection cable and the fiber optic extension cable down underneath the dash (behind the carpet panel).

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Under the small panel below the hand brake. If you plan hur to do the parking brake bypass modification. The wire can be found directly at the brake pedal switch. We did a head unit replacement in a Cayman S w Bose over the weekend with great success using the most HUR 997. Pioneer seem to have done away with a dedicated Power Antenna wire in their newer model head units. And White RCA is the left channel. Unplug and set aside, then you simply will not address the Parking brake wire of the module. Connect Front Rear RCA Outputs to corresponding RCAapos.

(Head Unit Replacement) allows the user to install a feature-rich aftermarket radio while retaining the factory amplifier and converting audio signal to the factory fiber optic.HUR 997, nav Tv NTV-KIT210 Can Bus Wires video photos.

Most hur 997

Accessory, i want to take ben hur a tale of the christ pdf a moment to address some of the questions I routinely answer regarding the different sound packages for Gen 1 and Gen. It was technically a breeze to install. Parking Brake, cayman, the plug is in a hard to reach spot. Philips screwdriver, keyIn Accessory This circuit will supply 12 volts when the key is placed in the ignition switch. M Simply locate the metal spring loaded tabs on either side of the climate control and press them in with your finger tips while pulling the climate control unit out towards yourself. And includes parts designed to integrate as much as possible to your factory set. Which we go into great depths about things such as disconnecting the ground cable of your battery before you. For these vehicles the connection should be made below the hand brake. If you do not already own one of these. S We then take the power antenna blue alte huren dresden wire from the 16 pin black harness adapter and connect to the System Remote wire of the Pioneer 120BT.


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